Sangiuliano: Italian video game industry, the government will strengthen tax credit

IIDEA, the association of operators in the video game sector in Italy, expressed great satisfaction with the declaration of the Minister of Culture Sangiuliano, in yesterday’s hearing at the Culture Commissions of the Chamber and Senate in joint session, on the programmatic lines of his Ministry . These are his words: “The video game industry in Italy represents a highly specialized sector in the technological, artistic and design fields, with around 2 billion in related industries. A cultural product that assumes centrality especially in this phase of public intervention in digitization processes of goods. One can think of a strengthening of the tax credit for the video game industry now envisaged by the Ministry of Culture, increasing its capacity”. IIDEA announces in a press release that it believes this is an important sign of opening, in line with the indications of the recent resolution of the European Parliament on esports and video games, and hopes it will be a prelude to greater attention by the Italian Government towards the potential development of the sector in our country.


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