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The final list of retained players of the IPL franchise ahead of the mega auction in the IPL was released yesterday. Most of the fans were wondering if Chennai Super Kings would have MS Dhoni as their captain. Retaining Chennai Dhoni is good news for the fans. The list was the same as previously predicted, but some teams made moves that surprised fans. Rajasthan Royals’ selection of Sanju Samson, their captain and wicketkeeper last season, to the surprise role came as a surprise to some fans. They were also surprised that Rajasthan retained Sanju for Rs 14 crore.

Apart from Sanju, the Rajasthan Royals have retained England’s Jos Buttler and India’s youngster Yashasvi Jaiswal. Many were surprised by Rajasthan’s move to retain Sanju for a higher amount than the experienced Butler. In retaliation for rumors that Sanju will leave Rajasthan, Rajasthan retained Sanju as their first player with the team.

But Rajasthan’s head coach Sri Lankan legend Kumar Sangakkara has made it clear that Rajasthan did not have to think much about retaining Sanju. Sangakkara said that Rajasthan sees Sanju as a long-term captain and therefore did not have to think much about retaining Sanju.

“Sanju is an exceptional player. He is proving to be a great asset to the team by performing better every season.” Sangakkara said. Sangakkara also clarified the reason behind keeping the young star Jaiswal with Sanju. “The successful Jaiswal is a talented player and certainly one who wants to become a future superstar. Sangakkara said.

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It is already clear what a player like Jose Butler can do in the T20 format. A player who is extremely flexible can be cast in any role in batting. Batting in the top order and midfield, the player has shown us that. Stopping as a wicket-keeper is also a bonus factor. Sangakkara said it was “disappointing” not to be able to retain Ben Stokes and Joffre Archer.


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