Sanremo 2021, report cards fourth evening: Let’s talk about it in a hundred years, Aiello give us a break. Fortunately, there is someone “right”

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Ask the street dust, the Liberty Buffet dust, that damn dusty sawdust, and it’ll tell you yes, some pieces of paper arrive and they are my report cards of the fourth evening of the Sanremo Festival. A long march, which I probably will not face in full: sleep will come and I, as usual, will indulge it.

We throw a first piece of paper there, to enter the Ariston area. Amadeus is in tune and in a more baritone voice than his companion in fortune, the fabulous Fiorello. He would sing, Amadeus, better than many singers in cara, if he wanted to (after a few lessons).

PrimaFestival. Sorry to say, but it’s a bad preview. On the other hand, this space, as important as any forerunner is, has never shone for writing, management, sympathy. A tradition that is confirmed. 5

Annalisa. Ten. It turns but does not open. 6 1/2

Aiello. Now. Scream a little less than the first performance. But he is always the one who causes that expression we know well to make to the painted face in Munch’s masterpiece. “Aiello scourge of God PART II”. 4

* According to the British Museum, the interpretation of the popular painting may be wrong, because the image clearly represents “a person hearing a scream, not a person screaming”.

Maneskin. Someone wrote “the boys beat up, they bring the metal to the stage”. James Hetfield has read it and now he doesn’t stop crying. Are you happy? We resize 5/6

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