Sanremo 2023, Mengoni favourite. While Elodie and Madame… Quote Bookmaker

Sanremo 2023, Mengoni favourite.  While Elodie and Madame… Quote Bookmaker

Sanremo 2023, Mengoni, Giorgia and Ultimo: the forecasts of the bookmakers

One week from the start of the competition – with the 28 songs of the artists who will participate – the fourth Sanremo Festival by Amadeus comes more and more alive (in recent days the duets on February 10th) and so is the Toto Sanremo of the most awaited Italian musical event of the year.

The latest preparations are underway on the stage of the Ariston Theater in Sanremo and according to the experts it is Marco Mengoni (listed at 3) the favorite to win outright. Followed on the second step of the podium Georgia (3.50), tied with Last (3.50) which is back in the race with the new ‘Alba’.

Sanremo 2023: from Elodie and Madame to Colapesce and DiMartino, the bookmakers’ odds

In third position we find Lazza who will compete for the first time at the Festival with the unpublished ‘Cenere’. In fourth position instead in the Sisal ranking a duet composed by Elodie, Madameboth highly appreciated by critics and music press with the first reviews released after the pre-listenings.

In fifth position instead a trio formed by Colapesce and DiMartinocompeting with the single ‘Splash’, Gianluca Grignani and Mara Sattei in Sanremo with ‘Duemilaminuti’. They also appear at the top of the rankings Tananai while the Milanese duo of the indie-pop/rap panorama Like Things with Aries and Levante all stationed in the middle ‘table.

Following for the final victory we find the young man Gianmariawinner of Sanremo Giovani, ready to perform for the first time on the most famous stage in Italy, followed by a trio made up of the historians Article 31competing with the song ”Un bel viaggio”, i Fashion led by Kekko and Leo Gassmann. From 18 to 26 we find paired Anna Oxa, Paola and Chiaraprotagonists of a highly anticipated reunion, together with the young Genoese Olly, Shari, Colla Zio, Sethu – artist of the new melodic trap scene – LDA pseudonym of Luca D’AlessioMr. Rain e Rosa Chemical.

Among the least favorites for the final victory is the young man Will – artist of the new urban pop scene – with The Country Cousins who will bring the piece ‘Lettera 22’ written by Veronica Lucchesi and Dario Mangiaracina to the stage of the Ariston Theater, or rather List Representative.

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