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(ANSA) – SANREMO, 06 MAR – “I worked for months and months on the project I brought to the festival. It wasn’t just a ‘I’ll come here and put on a costume’, there was no desire to cause a sensation at all costs “. Achille Lauro said this, explaining his presence in Sanremo, where he was a regular guest with his paintings, “Interpreting and writing is the same thing for me. Music is also looked at today and when Amadeus called me I wanted to think about a larger project that went beyond my comfort zone “. So off to a journey into musical genres, “interpreting their essence”. “I started with glam rock – the courage to be, then rock and roll – lightness and lightheartedness. And the homage to the misunderstood with pop, because in Italy it is trivialized, reduced to something frivolous and we have dramatized it with Monica Guerritore and Emma. Punk without rules, which is a mess and with Fiorello was perfect “. Tonight he will bring his C’est la vie. “As Elodie said, even if we weren’t up to it I’m happy to have been taken into consideration”, he concluded, not ruling out anything about the future. “I live things as they come. After Rolls Royce, the following week I developed the idea of ​​I don’t care. After I don’t care, I said that my festival ended there. Then this opportunity was born and I took it. I exclude nothing, except the management: I leave that to the professionals “. (HANDLE). FAS-MAJ / S0B QBXB (ANSA).


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