Madurai: Madurai Government Hospital ‘Dean’ Rethinavelu has been transferred to the waiting list due to the Sanskrit language pledge acceptance issue held at the Medical College first year students reception.

Rethinavelu was the ‘Dean’ of the Government Rajaji Hospital affiliated to the Madurai Government Medical College next to the Chennai Government Hospital in Tamil Nadu. He was working as the ‘Dean’ of Sivagangai Government Medical College when the corona infection started spreading. Rethinavelu was urgently appointed as the ‘Dean’ of Madurai Government Hospital due to various irregularities in the corona treatment at Madurai Government Rajaji Hospital at that time. Proving that it was right to appoint him as the ‘Dean’ of the Madurai Government Hospital, he went to the Corona wards every morning and evening in his armor, comforting the patients, listening to their grievances and encouraging the doctors, medical students, nurses and paramedics working in those wards.

As Deane visited the corona wards daily, the medical team realized their responsibilities and provided uninterrupted treatment to the patients. The ‘Dean’ Rethinavelu worked tirelessly with local ministers, the Collector and the Corporation Commissioner to treat more than 2,000 ‘corona’ patients at the same time as receiving the oxygen and medical equipment needed for the government hospital.

After the onset of ‘Corona’ infection he started in the infrastructure facilities required for Madurai Government Hospitals and undertook various activities for the benefit of patients, working doctors, nurses and staff. He hastened to complete the construction work and arranged for it to be opened. He listened to their demands and complaints without looking at anyone with a gesture of authority and took action. Therefore, the hospital’s basement staff, patients received praise. He also identified various malpractices of the public servants who had been involved in the construction and maintenance of the hospital for a long time and took care of them.
Without any political affiliation, he implemented all the suggestions made by the Directorate of Medicine, Local Ministers, the Collector and the Commissioner of the Corporation and upgraded the Madurai Government Rajaji Hospital and Medical College in various ways. He also had to earn the opposition of one party because of his honesty.

In this context, a program was held at the Madurai Government Hospital yesterday to welcome the first year students. Ministers P. Murthy, PDR Palanivel Thiagarajan, Mayor and MLAs were present. It is customary for newcomers to medicine and postgraduate students to take the ‘Hippocratic Pledge’. However, the Secretary of the Medical Student Council, who conducted the event, has translated into English the Sanskrit Pledge ‘Makirish Sarak Sapt’ on the Medical Council of India website.

Hospital ‘Dean’ Rethinavelu did not notice this as he pulled out all the work for the show. Also, an hour before the event, a discussion meeting was held at the Collector’s Office to reduce traffic congestion. The last time Dean came to the show directly after attending it, he ignored the translation of the pledge.

Dean was shocked when the secretary of the student council started reading it. Finance Minister PDR Palanivel Rajan has also asked that the ‘Makirish Sarak Sabbath’ pledge be taken without taking the Hippocratic pledge. Dean said something went wrong without my noticing.
After that, the party against ‘Dean’ Rethinavelu who works in the hospital has brought this to the notice of other senior medical officials. Therefore, the issue has become a major controversy and ‘Dean’ Rethinavelu has been immediately transferred to the waiting list.

Doctors say, ” First-year students do not need to take this pledge. The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. Wrong is wrong. For that, the government should consider replacing the good ‘dean’ who has been with the Madurai government doctor for a long time, ” they said.

Anandraj, a health activist from Madurai, said, “After the Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital in Chennai, more patients are coming to the Madurai Government Rajaji Hospital for treatment. The ‘teen’ will have to look at several hundred files a day. Below him is a medical supervisor, 2 station physicians, 3 assistant station physicians, and senior experienced assistants who work under the office management to ensure that mistakes are not made in the treatment of patients. There is a Deputy Chief Minister to look after the affairs of the Medical College. Therefore, in the Sanskrit Pledge, it is unreasonable to change the list of waiting persons to sacrifice only the ‘Dean’. All those next to the dean should inquire into what happened in this case, ” he said.

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