Santi Mina, Celta de Vigo footballer, sentenced to four years in prison for sexual abuse

BarcelonaThe Almeria High Court has sentenced the footballer Santi Mina to four years in prison for a crime of sexual abuse of a woman committed on June 18, 2017. However, the court has acquitted her of the charges of sexual assault . The events took place in the town of Mojácar. David Goldar, a friend of Mina’s and also a footballer, who was also charged in the case, is acquitted.

The court presided over by Magistrate Társila Martínez acquitted Mina, who is currently playing for Celta de Vigo, for the crime of sexual assault, for which the prosecutor requested a sentence of eight years in prison and the private prosecution nine and a half years. The conviction is ultimately for sexual abuse and also involves a 500-meter restraining order from the victim for twelve years and the payment of 50,000 euros in compensation.

For his part, David Goldar has been acquitted of the crime of sexual assault charged by the private prosecution, as the prosecution did not act against him in the case. He was facing nine and a half years in prison. At trial, the lawyer representing Mina defended the thesis that the victim was acting against both players “to take their money”.


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