«Sapore di mare»: who has disappeared for a tumor, who is a photographer. Here’s how the protagonists became

July 7, 2021 – 12:08 am

Who has been successful, who has abandoned the world of entertainment and who is no longer here: what happened to the cast of the cult film of 1983 directed by director Carlo Vanzina

of Arianna Ascione

A postcard with a nostalgic flavor by Carlo Vanzina, set in the summer of 1964 in Forte dei Marmi: we are talking about “Sapore di mare” (1983), which over the years has become a much loved cult by viewers. The film tells the love story of a group of boys starting with Luca and Felicino, children of a Milanese family with a permanent presence on the Tuscan beaches (the first will have an adventure with the Neapolitan Marina, while the second is engaged to Susan, of whom Paolo will fall in love). Next to them Gianni, who will take a crush on his family friend Adriana (behind his girlfriend Selvaggia), Giorgia – Selvaggia’s best friend -, Maurizio, the photographer Cecco and the marchesini Pucci, a pair of twins targeted by Luca . Waiting to see the film again (Wednesday 7 July on Nove at 21.25) here’s what happened to all the protagonists starting with Jerry Calà, interpreter of Luca Carraro.

July 7, 2021 | 00:08



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