Sapropoulos: “Everyone was nervous about the loss on Friday”

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Maccabi Tel Aviv could not have asked for a softer landing after the defeat in Piraeus, than the light evening trip last night (Sunday) at Beit Maccabi, when Maccabi Rishon LeZion was completely eliminated before the champion with a resounding victory for the Yellows, 56:86.

the coach Yannis Sapropoulos He said at the end: “The players reacted after a bad game, we needed a good game and that’s what happened. We started the game very defensively focused, we confused the opponent’s game, and that’s what we planned, we opened a double digit advantage and since then we dominated with a great offensive and defensive game. “We have to look at our 52 rebounds and 26 assists, all the players who participated recorded a good game. Now we want to recover in the Euroleague against Alba as well. I wish the Israeli team success in both of its games.”

Sapropoulos admitted that last night’s game was a kind of nerve-wracking one. “Everyone was nervous about what happened on Friday. We missed a lot of layups under the basket in the first quarter, a lot of free throws, it’s the Euroleague and sometimes there are losses because of the game schedule. You are not fresh and you play so many games, and the opponent is less tired. All Euroleague teams lose like that. “Games, the important thing is to stay mentally strong. It’s a marathon, if you lose games like that, it’s not a disaster because we have already proven that we know how to win big games.”

Last night we received another illustration that maybe in the Euroleague the Israelis are not yet an important part, but in the league they make a difference. On Oz Blazer’s excellent play, Sapropoulos said: “He is always ready to play. There are games he does not score, but I do not care who scores but who helps the team, he is always ready to help, his mentality is always in the right direction. I hope we are in the right momentum, everyone “They will be willing to help in all the games, not only in the Premier League but also in the Euroleague. We work with the players and trust them, but everything that happened at the beginning of the season caused us problems in chemistry. I hope we have already gone through that.”

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