Sardines al Nazareno, “The Democratic Party no longer exists” – Four hours inside the Nazarene. So much was needed for the Sardines to realize the situation in which the Democratic Party finds itself after the resignation of Nicola Zingaretti. The Democratic Party no longer exists: it is an archipelago of currents, the exponents of the movement born to coincide with last year’s regional elections to stop Matteo Salvini’s advance in the ‘democratic’ Emilia-Romagna complain. And it is thus – explain Mattia Santori, Jasmine Corallo and Lorenzo Donnoli – that we will soon launch a proposal, aimed at associations, organizations and individuals, linked in some way to the dem, to build a path, a ‘Piazza Grande bis’ all outside the Democratic Party. The reference is to the congressional motion of Nicola Zingaretti, precisely ‘Piazza Grande’, and to his project to “open the party” for a “wide center-left field” that also includes civic realities, associations, territories. Zingaretti has been cornered, the Sardines still complain, the party assembly to be held in the next few days will not be able to reject his resignation and he will not withdraw them. The party can no longer hold up like this, hostage to the currents, they continue. If there is no radical change in management, dialogue is no longer possible and we ask Zingaretti to follow us too, outside the Democratic Party.

The blitz at noon

The day of the Sardines at the Nazarene began around 12 noon. A small delegation, to avoid crowds, arrived in front of the headquarters of the Democratic Party, in the heart of Rome. Red T-shirt – with the words’ Will you continue to be chosen or will you finally choose? 6000 Sardines “- and sleeping bags in hand, Santori’s group was ready to occupy the Nazarene. But the availability of the President of the Democratic Party Valentina Cuppi to listen to them made sleeping bags useless. ‘continued for hours, during which Zingaretti’s much appreciated message arrived: “Sardines are positive energy of Italy and democracy, the fact that they are concerned and mobilized confirms that the Democratic Party is a great force”, scans the former secretary of the Democratic Party, on the sidelines of an appointment as governor of the Lazio region. But despite the efforts of Cuppi, the talks are disappointing in their outcome, at least for the Sardines who asked for the start of a “new constituent phase: open , democratic, innovative “.

Thanks to Valentina Cuppi

“First of all we want to thank Valentina Cuppi for having welcomed us for four hours in the headquarters of the Democratic Party. It is not obvious. We understood that this listening is also an exception”, says Santori as he comes out of the Nazarene. “For us the problem is that we have not implemented the Piazza Grande project. We asked to continue the path of Piazza Grande, certifying it in the assembly. We are ready to ask Zingaretti to continue the path outside the Democratic Party”. “They explained to us and we understood how at this moment it is not possible to hold the congress – he continues -. So we ask that a Constituent Assembly be opened, a second phase of Piazza Grande, a Piazza Grande bis that continues the path”. “We understood that the Democratic Party is an archipelago of currents: we get out of here more than like Sardines, like salmon “, complains Jasmine Corallo. “We have found that the Democratic Party is in an incredible quagmire due to current and renzisms that continue to characterize this party”, adds Donnoli, alongside him. “We have been listened to by President Cuppi who is disconnected from the currents and believed in the Piazza Grande enlargement project. We have been reassured. We would like to extend to other civil society and party forces that are not only the Democratic Party. It is obvious that it takes a commitment not to fall back into the same diabolical Renzian and liberal recipe that made us get to where we are “.



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