Sarit Hadad did not like her wax doll

First publication: At the end of this coming week, “The Chosen Ones”, an Israeli wax museum, will be launched in Herzliya, but not everyone who joined the project will actually appear there. Mako learned that the singer Sarit Hadad, whose wax doll was supposed to be displayed in the exhibition, was not satisfied with the final result revealed to her – and that her doll was sent for repairs.

In recent weeks, Israel has been working on the construction of the new wax museum, where 50 figures of some of the biggest stars in the country are expected to be displayed. According to industry sources, Hadad did not like the statue in her image, so it was sent for repairs and adjustments – so that the final result will be revealed to the general public only in the future, in the hope that it will be closer to the singer’s real appearance. According to the same sources, this is the reason why, in the various messages to the media, Hadad’s name did not appear among the celebrities who will receive their own doll.

“The Chosen” Wax Museum | Photo: PR

The Israeli wax museum has been under construction for about three years, and the stars that will appear in it were photographed with special cameras in order to have a maximum similarity between them and the sculptures themselves. Over the years, a production team from Israel and abroad worked on the development, and the dolls were produced overseas.

Recently, the final results of some of the stars that will be displayed in the museum were revealed in a press release, and among the names you can find Anna Zak, Agam Bohbot, Eyal Berkovich, Eyal Kitsis, the late Ilan Ramon, Itai Levy, Elin Cohen, Assi Bozaglu, Assi Israeloff, Ben El Tabori, Ben Zini, Guy Zo-Artz, Guy Pines, David Blatt, Dikla, Harel Sakat, Hazi Din, Haim Cohen, Yuval Hambalel, Linoi Ashram, Maor Bozaglo, Mosh Ben Ari, Moshek Roth, Michal Ansky, Michal HaKtana, Miki Berkovich, Miki Mokhtar, Margie, Moshe Peretz, Nasrin, Static, Stephan Leger, Semyon Grafman, Eden Elena, Eden Ben Zaken, Eden Hasson, Eden Pines, Eran Zahavi, Zion Baruch, Kevin Rubin, Kim Or Azoulai, Robbie Rivlin, Rita, Sagi Muki, Shahar Hasson, Shiri Maimon and Shalom Michaelashvili.

Sarit’s response or someone on her behalf has not yet been given and will be published when received.

The museum’s public relations response has not yet been received.


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