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Published: Wednesday, August 10, 2022, 18:09 [IST]

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Dindigul: While Sasikala O. Panneerselvam and others came to pay their respects after the death of AIADMK’s first people’s representative Mayadevar, AIADMK activists and relatives of Mayadevar have questioned whether this is a tribute to Edappadi Palanichami who attended a wedding ceremony in Chennai and stood and gave a statement.

K Mayadevar, who contested for the AIADMK’s double leaf symbol for the first time, passed away yesterday at his residence in Chinnalapatti, Dindigul district.

When MGR started the AIADMK, when the elections were held for the Dindigul parliamentary constituency, MGR nominated Mayadevar in the double statue symbol of the AIADMK. Mayadevar won that election, which was seen as a turning point in politics.

3 'big heads' coming to the same place on the same day.. Will a big incident happen?  - Sufficient AIADMK!3 ‘big heads’ coming to the same place on the same day.. Will a big incident happen? – Sufficient AIADMK!

Death of Mayathevar

Death of Mayathevar

After his death, his body was kept at his residence in Chinnalapatti. While many people paid their respects, on behalf of Edappadi Palaniswami, association treasurer and former minister Dindigul Srinivasan, former minister RB Udayakumar, former MLAs Paramasivam, Jagkaiyan, former MP Parthiban, Nilakottai MLA paid tribute to former Dindigul AIADMK MP Mayath Devar on behalf of Edappadi Palaniswami. .A Thenmozhi and many others paid tribute in person.

OPS - Sasikala

OPS – Sasikala

Similarly, O. Panneerselvam, former Ministers Vaidhyalingam, Vellamandi Natarajan, former MLA Rathanasabapathy, Subpurathin, Union Secretaries of Dindukkam district Pasumbon, Mohan and others also came and paid their respects. Similarly, Jayalalithaa’s close friend Sasikala, along with AAMUK district secretary Ramuth Devar, paid their respects in person.

Edappadi is missing

Edappadi is missing

In this situation, AIADMK activists and relatives of Mayathevar have questioned why Edappadi Palanichami did not come and pay tribute to Mayathevar, who had just given a statement. Edappadi Palanichami did not even inquire about his health when he arrived in Dindigul the day before yesterday and then he toured to Erode Salem Krishnagiri Dharmapuri and attended the house function of an AIADMK executive near Chennai this morning with thousands of volunteers.

Relatives question

Relatives question

While O. Panneerselvam Sasikala, who reported on Mayadevar’s death yesterday, came today to pay his respects, the relatives of Mayadevar are questioning why Edappadi Palanichami, who has taken over as interim general secretary of AIADMK, did not come and is this a tribute to him who received the double leaf, the main symbol of AIADMK.

English summary

Edappadi Palaniswami who did not pay homage to Mayadevar body in person; AIADMK Interim General Secretary Edappadi Palanichami did not come to pay tributes to Mayadevar’s body.

Story first published: Wednesday, August 10, 2022, 18:09 [IST]


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