Saudi Arabia airstrike on Yemen claims at least 70 lives | Airstrike on Yemen: Saudi-led military action! 70 killed in Yemen

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At least 70 people have been killed in airstrikes by Saudi-led coalition forces on Yemen. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has condemned the move.

An airstrike (Saudi Arabia Attack) was carried out on a prison in the Houthi region of Saada, killing at least three children. More than 100 people were reported injured in the attack.

Internet services have also been affected by the attack by Saudi-led coalition forces. While condemning the attack by Houthi rebels in Abu Dhabi, Guterres said the attacks should be stopped.

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Bodies are reported to be being exhumed from the rubble of the damaged detention center. Rescue operations are underway in the affected prison area.

Drone strikes have been carried out on Saudi cities (Attack on Saudi Arabia), including Saudi Arabia’s oil stations. Following this, the Saudi-led coalition intensified its attacks on Houthi military targets.

Iranian-backed rebels attacked the United Arab Emirates on Monday. Following the overthrow of the Houthi government in Sanaa in 2015, the pro-Saudi coalition intervened, causing problems in Yemen.

Speaking on the fight against the Houthi rebels, Lana Nusaibe, the United Arab Emirates’ ambassador to the United Nations, said the Saudi-led coalition was clear that “all military action against the Houthi organization will be retaliated against.”

Meanwhile, on the basis of “obligations under international humanitarian law”, both sides abandoned the attacks and joined the UN. Significantly, the United States has called for participation in the peace process.

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