Say goodbye to hay fever with these Rotterdam tips – from local honey to acupuncture

Say goodbye to hay fever with these Rotterdam tips – from local honey to acupuncture

2023-06-07 08:09:26

Itchy and burning eyes, sneezing and a runny nose? There is a good chance that you will suffer from hay fever, an allergic reaction to the pollen (pollen) of: grasses, trees and plants. The hay fever period runs approximately from February to October. There is a peak in the amount of pollen in the air in June, when the grasses start to bloom. Are you distraught and do you want to breathe easy again and enjoy the sun without watery eyes?

Honey honey
Honey from local bees can help against hay fever complaints. Local beekeeper Daan van Daan’s Honing has a handful of customers who buy honey from him for exactly this reason. “It works for one person, but not for another. It also depends on which pollen you are allergic to,” says the beekeeper. His hives can be found in Hillegersberg, Centrum, Terbregge and Kralingen. The bees collect nectar in the city and a microdose of the pollen ends up in the honey. By eating the honey you can get your body used to the pollen before the hay fever season. While not a hay fever cure, local honey is worth a try.

Medical taping
You can go to a physiotherapist for medical taping. The tape applied to your back has a calming effect on your connective tissue and can therefore help reduce your hay fever complaints.

A shot against stinging eyes
Many Rotterdammers with hay fever complaints swear by acupuncture as a remedy. During this period, acupuncturist Marianne van der Meer notices an increase in hay fever patients who visit her practice in Hillegersberg. She uses a ‘balance’ method and pricks on the arms and legs to treat the symptoms of hay fever. “I have several customers who have almost no hay fever complaints after a number of years. Every person reacts differently. With acupuncture you show the body the way to perform better. The body resolves the complaint itself. This goes better for one person than for another,” she explains.

Trip to the grooming salon
Do you have pets? Please note that pollen can also get stuck in your dog or cat’s fur. If your pet then walks through your house, pollen can be left behind in your carpet, sofa or bed. A fresh coat therefore causes fewer complaints.

Fight hay fever complaints and expand your outfit with sunglasses. It protects your eyes against pollen and therefore you can suffer less from irritations in your eyes. Browse the many vintage shops in the city for a unique item.

Life’s a beach
Last. The best tip from the list: go to the beach! On the coast you suffer less from hay fever, because sea air contains less pollen. So take the Hoekse Lijn to the beach of Hoek van Holland and leave your tissues at home.

Rotterdam grandmothers know what to do
The older, the wiser. These Rotterdam grandmothers (and grandfathers) in the OPEN Question will help you with your hay fever.

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