Sbi Alert Message To Customers | SBI is the only bank that has alerted customers not to make this mistake

SBI Bank, the country’s largest lender, has issued some warnings to its customers about instant loan apps. Keeping in mind the welfare of its customers, the bank has also issued some security measures. In a recent notification on its official Twitter page, SBI Bank said that you should avoid clicking on suspicious links or providing your information to any company posing as a bank or financial institution and report the same at

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6 security measures issued by SBI Bank:

1) Check the authenticity of an app before downloading it.

2) Do not click on suspicious links.

3) Avoid using unauthorized apps that can steal your data.

4) Check app permission settings to protect your data from being stolen.

5) Report any suspicious lending apps to local police authorities.

6) Check for all your financial needs.

Banks or financial institutions registered with the Reserve Bank of India and companies regulated by state governments can provide formal loans. Bank cautions people not to share copies of KYC documents with unknown persons or on unverified/unauthorized apps. SBI has also warned its customers about phishing trends.

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