sbi utsav deposit, super scheme for senior citizens..introduced on independence day! – sbi launches utsav deposit special scheme with higher interest rates for senior citizens

Today is India’s 76th Independence Day. In this regard, SBI Bank has launched a special fixed deposit scheme. The scheme is named as SBI Utsav Deposit.

SBI Utsav Deposit Scheme offers higher interest rate. However, as this is a short-term offer, you need to invest immediately to avail it.

You can invest in SBI Utsav Deposit for 75 days from today (August 15). In this scheme, SBI Bank offers 6.10% interest on fixed deposit for 1000 days. Senior Citizens get an additional 0.50% interest.

Super Announcement on Independence Day.. Fixed Deposit Offering High Interest!
That is, 6.60% interest for senior citizens on fixed deposit for 1000 days. Hence, SBI Utsav Deposit is beneficial for senior citizens as well.

SBI Bank tweeted, “Let your money work hard for you. We are introducing the Utsav Deposit Scheme to offer you a higher rate of interest on your Fixed Deposit.”


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