SC defers hearing of AIFF case after Center says discussion with FIFA on to break some ice | Try hosting the World Cup Football in India


The Under-17 Women’s World Cup was to be held in India. The competitions were to be held in 3 cities namely Mumbai, Goa and Bhubaneswar from 11th to 30th October.

However, International Football Association Board (FIFA) yesterday temporarily canceled India’s license to host the Women’s World Cup and the Indian Football Federation’s license. This move by Biba has caused great sadness among Indian football fans.

While the case related to the Indian Football Federation is going on in the Supreme Court, the election for the posts including the president of this federation is going to be held on the 28th.

A committee appointed by the Supreme Court is looking after the election and the administration of the Football Federation of India.

Meanwhile, the International Football Council temporarily revoked the Indian Football Federation’s license to host the Under-17 Women’s World Cup in India, citing third-party interference.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court was requested by the central government to investigate the case related to the Indian Football Federation as a matter of urgency.

Central government advocate Tushar Mehta brought the matter before Supreme Court Justices Chandrachud, Bopanna and Paridwala, who are hearing the case. Accepting this, the judges accepted the case related to the Indian Football Federation to be heard as an urgent case.

In this case, the case related to the Indian Football Federation came up for hearing in the Supreme Court today.

The case came up for hearing today before a 3-judge bench. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, who appeared on behalf of the central government, said that the central government is negotiating with the Biba organization regarding holding the Women’s World Cup under 17 years of age in India. All efforts are being made for that” he said.

After this, the judges expressed their opinion, our only request is that the Women’s World Cup football tournament should be held in India, including the age of 17 years. If any outsider wants to interfere in this matter, the court will not tolerate it,’ they said.

The court directed the Central government to take necessary action to host the Women’s World Cup in India and remove the cancellation of the license of the Indian Football Federation. Also, the Supreme Court has adjourned this case to the 22nd.

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