Scammers started using robots to call bank customers

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Nine out of ten attacks on individual customers using social engineering are robotic, and the number of customer complaints about calls from fraudsters using robots has also increased, Kommersant reported, citing Russian banks.

RTM Group CEO Evgeny Tsarev said that the practice of fraudulent calls using robots appeared about six months ago, but then such cases were isolated. Fraudsters began to actively use robotic assistants when banks themselves began to introduce voice assistants to communicate with customers, as well as after broadly informing Russians about the calls of cybercriminals on behalf of the “bank security service” or “Interior Ministry officer”. The use of a robot helps fraudsters to increase the reach of victims and reduce the cost of a cyberattack. Tsarev noted that potential victims are more likely to trust such calls.

The use of robotic assistants helps fraudsters gain the trust of the victim, because she is sure that if the robot calls, it is the bank’s security service, a representative of Tinkoff Bank announced. VTB noted that it is easy to organize calls using a robot: the services of autoinformants are increasingly included in the standard package of services for office telephony contracts.

The Central Bank said that they are actively working to block the numbers of fraudsters. The regulator has no data on the number of robotic attacks. The Ministry of Digital Science referred to the joint monitoring with the Central Bank on counteracting telephone crimes. An educational project to improve digital literacy of Russians will be launched in 2022, the ministry added.


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