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Bangkok – The dealer’s agony lasts nine minutes, then he sinks to the floor. A police officer suffocated him – because the drug dealer didn’t want to pay a bribe!

A surveillance camera filmed how the police chief of Nakhon Sawan (Thailand), in the presence of several colleagues, puts several plastic bags over the head of the man who is tied up and pulls it shut.

Allegedly, the officer had asked 2 million baht (51,000 euros) from the drug dealer (24) who had been caught with 100,000 ecstasy pills. Because he didn’t pay, the dealer was tortured to death.

Photo: ViralPress

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The killer cop is on the runPhoto: ViralPress

Five police officers were arrested after a lawyer posted the video. Police chief Thitisan Utthanaphon (39) is still on the run. He is said to have repeatedly tortured suspects, extorted money and used them to buy luxury cars (nicknamed Joe Ferrari).

The investigators believe that their colleague has fled to Myanmar.



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