“Scare hundreds of chickens to death” and was sent to detention

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A Chinese citizen was sent to six months in prison after he caused the death of hundreds of chickens by invading a coop owned by his neighbor who he claimed had cut down trees that belonged to him | In addition, he will compensate the neighbor for the damage caused by the death of the chickens

A Chinese citizen was sentenced to half a year in prison after “scaring 1100 chickens to death”. This was reported by the local state television.

According to the report, a confrontation broke out between the defendant, identified only by his first name Go, and his neighbor. This is after Gu accused his neighbor of needlessly cutting down trees that belonged to him.

In response to the cutting of the trees, Go invaded his neighbor’s chicken coop and the police investigation revealed that he broke into the coop several times using a flashlight and it turns out that the flashlight scared the chickens very much and as a result there was a huge crowd inside the coop and as a result about 500 chickens died.

Gu was not satisfied with that, a few days later he broke into his neighbor’s chicken coop again and again using the same method caused a stampede and caused the death of 640 more chickens. The court ruled that the man will pay his neighbor compensation in the amount of 13,840 yuan – equivalent to 2015 dollars for the damage he caused to his neighbor.

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