Scared, restless and angry: the discomfort of Covid students

twelve o’clock, April 10, 2021 – 20:53

They are boys, girls, adolescents: united by fear and anger towards those who have abandoned them to their fate

of Giancarlo Visitilli

QHow many faces does fear have? We don’t know anymore. The faces are covered by masks, in most cases we live isolated. «In the rooms», «I stay in the bathroom for several hours», «I close everything, shutters, I also turn off the LED light on the TV: everything must be in the dark», «black outside and pumped music inside». So many teenagers, girls and boys are facing fears. “It is a fear that we eat from breakfast to dinner, forced to live with our parents – says Gianna, Dottula psycho-pedagogical high school student from Bari – They talk about nothing but Covid. If you talk to them about yogurt, they will answer you with the words of Covid ». It is evident, therefore, that they, the most fragile, who the strongest and the most healing should have in their agendas, feel “forgotten”. Giorgia Loschiavo, V Salvemini High School in Bari says: «Just think of the attempts to reopen the schools: all clumsy and imprecise. A year after the pandemic, it is still not possible to draw up a serious and rigorous reopening plan, just because we do not vote. But tell him to Emiliano, for a little while longer ». Giorgia attends the high school whose principal, Tina Gesmundo, has written in large letters everywhere for a year now: “School is done at school”. And the explanation is given by the student herself. “Dad is emergency teaching, she saved us when we were groping in the dark. This perennial state of emergency is no longer acceptable. Forgetting school means forgetting us. And if we are the future: the political class is neglecting the future. Listen to Emiliano’s statements: “Those who need or want to run the risk of getting sick can go to the presence”, he said in January. It is intolerable for a leftist (progressive ?!) politician to express himself in this way. You can’t think like this: I want to go back to a safe school. And he has to take care of the safety of my school ». They are restless, angry, tormented, children and adolescents. Strongly interested in what happens to him. Even in the dark of their anger. «We are forgotten or stigmatized as weepers – explains Giorgia – capricious, whiners. On the web, the most common comments that denounce our discomfort are “What an exaggeration!”. How many of us are getting lost! It would be interesting if you read the self-help messages we send to each other in chat, every hour. We are not well, cabbage! ». The new high school graduate who knows she is continuing her studies has shining eyes «in Milan, I enrolled in Literature. Literature, writing and poetry is the only medicine against these who take us for a ride. She, who is a journalist and teacher, does not care that they have vaccinated you, to bring us back to school and this will not happen, perhaps in the last days, as long as Emiliano appears in all his power like our Abraham? ». They remain a fairly “dispersed” people, not only that of girls, boys and adolescents, which remote schooling has lost along the way, for many of them already traced. There are no longer those who no longer look at us in anger. This yes, well on display.

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April 10, 2021 | 20:53

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