Scholz offers Asia-Pacific region closer partnership | free press

Scholz offers Asia-Pacific region closer partnership |  free press

Chancellor Olaf Scholz is not aiming for decoupling from China, but he does want to broaden trade relations in the Asia-Pacific region. Scholz made that clear in Singapore.


Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz has offered the countries of Asia and the Pacific region closer economic cooperation. “The Asia-Pacific region is much more than China,” he said at a German business conference in Singapore. “My message is: Germany would like to strengthen economic ties with your region.”

Scholz emphasized that he is not aiming for decoupling from China. However, the most recent party congress of the Communist Party made it clear how much the country had changed in the past five to ten years. “Our political and economic approach must take this into account.” Of course, China remains an important economic and trading partner. “But for a tango you always need two.”

Scholz: Intensify cooperation

Scholz announced that reducing one-sided dependencies on certain raw materials and important technologies will play a special role in the national security strategy that is currently being drawn up. In order to ensure secure supply chains, trade relations would have to be broader.

In his speech, Scholz also referred to the global effects of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. “Increasing our cooperation is crucial because we are all feeling the geopolitical ground shifting beneath our feet.” The war threatens the worldwide peace order. “That’s why it’s so important that we don’t let Putin get away with his imperialist goals.”

The chancellor is traveling in Asia for four days – the longest trip of his term so far. Before Singapore he visited Vietnam. On Monday evening we continue to the G20 summit on the Indonesian island of Bali. (dpa)


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