Scholz urges China to influence Russia to stop the war in Ukraine

Scholz urges China to influence Russia to stop the war in Ukraine

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz appealed this Friday to China to exercise “his influence” over Russia in order to put an end to “the brutal aggression” launched by Moscow against Ukraine.

In an appearance before the media, without question time and together with Prime Minister Li Keqiang, the German leader also warned that any “change of status quo” for Taiwan can only occur “through peaceful means and dialogue.”

In relation to the war in Ukraine, Scholz also urged the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, to “guarantee the maintenance of the agreement” for the transport of cereals through the Black Sea and recalled the importance of these shipments for the world.

After assessing the importance of bilateral relations with Chinathe German leader claimed to have discussed with his interlocutors from the Asian giant the defense of human rights that, he said, are “universal” and intended especially to protect minorities.

Scholz’s visit to China has been shrouded in strong controversies, both in his own country and among some of his international allies, as it is considered an erroneous signal in the face of the necessary reduction of any type of dependency, such as that generated in energy matters with Russia. The foreign minister’s stay in Beijing has been reduced to less than 12 hours and has included a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.


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