School, in the Milanese high school, three out of 80 teachers do not have the green pass: “Irresponsible”. The teachers: “We need school building measures”

Professors without the green pass? They are irresponsible“. This morning in Lombardy the bell rang for over one million and three hundred thousand children. The students entered the high school of Bottoni in Milan starting at 7.45 am, all with masks. For teachers and Ata staff, however, the green pass is required. “We check it every morning through the online portal,” explains the principal Giovanna Mezzatesta. Here less than 5% of the staff do not have the green pass. Among these there are also some no vax ”. Today we all start in the presence, with a cautious optimism: “Let’s hope we don’t have to go back to Dad”, Explains the professor of mathematics and physics Enea Montoli who then observes: “We cannot continue to think about school with an emergency approach, structural interventions are neededi as the elimination of the problem of substitutes and attention to school buildings “. The chicken coop classes, according to Minister Bianchi, would be only 2.9% at the Italian level, but as the professor of history and philosophy points out Lorenzo Mazzi: “An intervention at ministerial level would be needed, and not just by the individual school”.

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