“For over a year the private dance schools have been closed. The situation has not improved at all since last March. The aid arrived until December. Unfortunately, the new government has not provided any kind of financial support. It risks closing, for always. We listen to the voices of 30 thousand dance schools, of all the children who attend them. I am with them, we begin to live and dream again “. This is the appeal addressed to the government by the dancer and dance teacher, well-known face of theater and TV, Kledi Kadiu, through time.news, for the reopening of dance schools.

And adds Kledi Kadiu, who will turn 47 tomorrow and in August will become a father for the second time: “dance schools have always been an important part of the individual growth of each child, a point of reference for many young people. ‘what my experience as a teacher has taught me in all these years. Let’s listen to the voice of the new generations, their malaise.

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