Schools reopening, Galli-Sallusti clash: “The virus doesn’t care about our problems”

Question and answer between the two guests at “Otto e mezzo”, the program conducted by Lili Gruber on La7 – Ansa /Courier TV

School and Covid, these are the topics on which Massimo Galli and Alessandro Sallusti clashed at the “Otto e mezzo” program of La7. “The reopening of schools is a show of ingenuity, even the French decide to close”, says Massimo Galli, head of infectious diseases at the Sacco hospital in Milan, commenting on the reopening of the school up to sixth grade, expected throughout Italy by new government decree. «You can shake your head because you don’t have two children at home and you don’t have to organize smart working. She has now become a talk show master, but she doesn’t have to interrupt. Opening kindergartens and elementary schools means giving breath to mothers and fathers who can no longer pay for babysitters »replies Sallusti, editor of“ Il Giornale ”.



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