science fiction goes green

Raffiella Chapman plays Vesper, a teenager living deep in a forest, who communicates with her father only through a kind of flying drone. Ieva Jura/Condor Distribution

REVIEW – This dreamlike anticipation film shot in the Lithuanian forests delivers an ecological message by taking new paths.

On an Earth where nothing grows, humanity has returned to the state of medieval civilization. The planet is now dominated by a caste of privileged people who live in refuge in citadels, a kind of huge metallic mushrooms with tubular roots that sink into a ground shrouded in mist. This end-of-the-world universe is due to the madness of certain agricultural researchers who played sorcerer’s apprentices by operating genetic mutations on plants, fauna and flora, making the planet sterile.

In a fairytale cabin, lost deep in an emerald forest, more disturbing than enchanting, a young girl named Vesper (formidable Raffiella Chapman, spotted by Tim Burton in Miss Peregrine and Peculiar Children ) survives with his father. A former soldier who worked for the Citadels, the man, now bedridden, only communicates with his daughter through a sort of flying drone in the shape of a robot’s head.

The teenager has tinkered with a laboratory…

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