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Blood type affects how the human body is able to produce interferon during viral infection, which is directly related to issues of the immune system. Scientists have found out which blood type owners have stronger immunity. The results of the research are cited by the federal business agency “Economics Today”.

Scientists explained that interferons are proteins secreted by the cells of the body in response to the invasion of the virus, to bacterial substances and low molecular weight chemicals.

So, the researchers named the carriers of the IV blood group the strongest in terms of the production of interferon. In the body of these people, protein was well produced in 92% of the subjects.

In people with I and III blood groups, the study showed high results in 80 and 91% of the subjects, respectively.

Carriers of the II blood group in almost 40% of cases have a reduced ability to produce interferon and are more prone to diseases than others, the scientists specified.

On August 10, Dmitry Zlobin, a doctor at the SberZdorovye online medical service, told Izvestia about the importance of blood type for health. According to him, this indicator can affect the risks of developing diabetes mellitus or the propensity to infection.

So, he noted that people with blood group I have lower risks of developing type 2 diabetes, while people with group II have high risks of developing arterial hypertension.


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