Scientists have warned that alcohol abuse causes cancer

One in 25 cases of cancer in patients may be related to alcohol abuse. This is evidenced by the results of a study conducted in the UK, writes Express.

Men are at the highest risk of cancer among drinkers, according to a study last year, accounting for 77% of cases.

The article emphasizes that drinking alcohol leads to DNA damage due to an increase in the production of harmful chemicals in the body, and this can also affect the production of hormones.

During the study, scientists determined the average level of alcohol consumed per person in 2010. Then they analyzed the collected data and studied their relationship with new cancer cases that were identified in 2020. The ten-year period was chosen to see the delayed effect of alcohol. It turned out that about 4% of cancer cases can be associated with alcohol consumption.

Michelle Mitchell, director of Cancer Research UK, said there is strong evidence that alcohol abuse can cause seven types of cancer. She stressed that there is no “safe” level, and also advised to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed.



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