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Scotland provide free period products, Salman Rushdie health status today world news: Now let’s see the important events that took place in the countries of the world today.

Announced military exercises again near Taiwan China

China has announced several military exercises around Taiwan, after Taiwan’s president met with the new US congressional delegation on Monday. China has announced the exercises as a sign of its own assertiveness, following US MPs’ support for Taiwan.

The visit by US MPs comes less than two weeks after US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan. China announced and threatened military drills to protest Nancy Pelosi’s visit.

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China views these visits as formal communications between US politicians and Taiwan’s government in support of independence from China.

Additional joint exercises in the seas and skies around Taiwan were announced by China’s People’s Liberation Army on Monday, the Defense Ministry and its Eastern Command said in a statement.

Scotland’s new law to provide period goods for free

Scotland will become the first country in the world to protect the right to access free periods products with new legislation coming into effect from Monday.

The Scottish Parliament introduced the change by unanimously passing the Period Products (Free Supply) (Scotland) Act in November 2020. Legalized free access to sanitary facilities in public buildings.

At the time, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon praised the “fundamental legislation” and said it was important for women and girls.

Salman Rushdie is coming back

Salman Rushdie “recovering,” his agent confirmed Sunday, “The Satanic Verses” author Salman Rushdie was seriously injured after he was stabbed at a lecture in New York.

Following the news that Salman Rushdie had been taken off the ventilator and able to speak on Saturday, literary agent Andrew Wylie warned that Rushdie’s “condition is going in the right direction” but his recovery will be long.

Wiley had previously said that Salman Rushdie, 75, would lose because of liver damage and severed nerves in an arm and eye.

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