Scotland Yard contacts Boris Johnson about parties during the pandemic

The London Metropolitan Police (Scotland Yard) have contacted the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, in relation to the investigation into the parties held in Downing Street during the pandemic, As confirmed on Friday by a government spokesman.

The Met is currently carrying out an investigation into several social gatherings organized by members of the Executive in public offices and at the seat of Government in the last two years, when the British population abided by harsh restrictions during confinements due to the coronavirus.

According to a Downing Street spokesman – the Tory leader’s official office and residence – Johnson has received a questionnaire by email by the agents in charge of investigating the scandal known as “partygate”.

The official source noted that the prime minister “rwill respond as required.”

Last Wednesday, Scotland Yard announced that its agents had begun contacting more than 50 people allegedly involved in 12 social events organized during the pandemic in which they are investigating, what is known as Operation Hillman.

Scotland Yard headquarters in London

The Met then noted that agents would begin contacting those involved later this week and qthat these people would initially have to fill out a questionnaire.

The body pointed out that in the questionnaires sent they would ask what happened (at the parties) and that these They must be answered truthfully.

Confirmation from Downing Street that Johnson is among the individuals contacted by police comes after it emerged a new photograph that places the “premier” in another supposedly festive act on December 15, 2020.

Last Wednesday, the British tabloid Daily Mirror released a snapshot in which Johnson was seen accompanied by three colleagues in an office, along with an open bottle of sparkling wine and a bag of crisps. In the image, one of those present wears a garland around his neck and another a Santa Claus hat.

“The Metropolitan Police previously assessed that event and determined that, based on the evidence available at the time, it did not meet the requirements for criminal investigation. That assessment has now been reviewed,” the Met said.

That social act was part of the events investigated in the internal investigation undertaken by senior official Sue Gray, who has already published partial findings but has yet to release her full report. EFE


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