Scout Grant in a head covering breaks the net

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Reinforced, reinforced, reinforced: Two weeks after coming into the marriage covenant with ultra-Orthodox singer Shuli Rand, it seems that Scout Grant continues to adopt modesty laws and approaches religion. Last night (Wednesday), Grant was seen smiling and happy at the “Thirsty” show at the Nation Buildings in Jerusalem, where her husband appeared, wearing modest clothes and a head covering.

Photos of Grant in the modest look found their way unsurprisingly quickly to social networks and news sites, and as expected managed to provoke a wave of reactions from surfers.

“She’s going to do a new series called ‘Lost,'” a cynical surfer wrote, and others added: “I checked the responses randomly, and I saw that for most commenters, this is a really non-marginal issue,” joked a witty surfer. “If Aviv Geffen panics, anything is possible,” added another surfer. “That you go with coriander on your head. What is my business?”, A surfer added and another wrote: “That you also come with a cat on your head, she is stunning in any situation! Internally and externally.”

“Purim is in March no? What, it’s early this year ?!”, he was asked in a sarcastic response. “It’s always the case that the secular should go towards the convert / religious – I have not seen many cases where it is the other way around,” read a more critical response.

Scout Grant in a headdress, Photo: Without credit

“Did the drop on the head make her a good and kosher Jew?”, Was written in another response. “She was like that even before the rag on her head. The costume doesn’t make her a better person. If it was upside down and he would have adapted himself to it it would have been more exciting, but we’ll never see that.”

“Blessings !! A stunning woman, may you have a good daughter of the King of Kings”, wished an excited surfer. “She is amazing and everyone has the right to choose what to do with their life without knocking anyone’s account. Tomorrow she can decide otherwise if she wants to and then change again. This is called freedom of choice,” reinforced another surfer.

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