Scout Grant sums up the wedding and reveals the secret location, and who the singers who came to pick up are

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Under the exploding headline “The Wedding,” Scout Grant shared photos and thanks from the exciting event on Facebook. “Wow it’s been two weeks since our wedding night and it’s not going through me… It was so fun, so happy. I have full heartfelt thanks. We have !! Must get used to talking in a couple.”

Yishai Ribo, Hanan Ben Ari, Yonatan Razel, Amir Dadon, and Amir Benyon sang, rejoiced and were moved

After a series of thanks to her children and the production, she thanks a number of artists: “And to the friends the beloved singers who surprisingly came up and sang and rejoiced and moved us to tears Yishai Ribo, Amir Benyon, Hanan Ben Ari, Yonatan Razel, and Amir Dadon. Thank you,” and does not forget to thank the hall: ” To the secret place – which is located in Moshav Mahsia and is called “Havat Derech Eretz” “What a wonderful, pastoral place, surrounded by olive trees, and energetically transmitting heat and nature.”

Shuli Rand Photo: PR

Of course she also thanks those who came: “And thank you to our guests friends and family for being there with us and rejoicing in our so great joy. You brought us great happiness what a fun.”

Our souls met and became one soul

In an interview with Yedioth Ahronoth, Grant described the beginning of his relationship with Shuli Rand: “The biggest connection between us is the similarity between us. We are very similar in our personality. We set out and there was no other option at all. As if our souls met and became one soul.” She added: “At some point he was exposed to me about what he was going through and in the process we fell in love inconceivably. I personally have the ability to hold complexities I am not afraid of people and what people think of me.”

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