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Another Lijo Jose Pellissery experience after Amen, E.M. and Jellybean. Lijo is busy with Mammootty movie as Churuli is settling new discussions with a new level of visual experience. The same team is making a new film as the various discussions on social media for and against the Churuli film are progressing. The location pictures of the film, which is being shot in Palani, are circulating on social media. The movie is titled ‘Nanpakal Nerat Mayakkam’. This is the first time that the famous Malayalam director has teamed up with Mammootty.

The production is named after a new production company called Mammootty Company. Produced by Lijo and Mammootty, the film is shot entirely in Tamil Nadu. The film is being made in Malayalam and Tamil. New actors from both the languages ​​will be in the cast. And Ashok also comes in a role. Theni Ishwar, who shot the name and the worm, is the camera.

Lijo’s story is scripted by S. Harish. The screenplay is by Harish. Lijo will join CBI 5 after the film is over.


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