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Thiruvananthapuram: The censor board has come out and explained that the censored version of Lijo Jose Pellissery’s film ‘Churuli’, which was discussed with an abundance of obscene words, did not reach the OTT platform. The official response was that the incident was controversial. According to the Cinematograph Act 1952, Certification Rules 1983 and Central Government Guidelines, the Censor Board has issued ‘A’ certificate to ‘Churuli’ for making necessary changes in the film. But without these changes, the film came out through OTT. Regional Officer V.S. Parvathy says in a note released.

Ethical Censorship in OTT: Saji Cherian

Kollam: Sense for movies released on OTT Moral because of the impossibility of the ring
The Minister said that censorship should be done by the cinema workers Saji Cherian said, “Kerala is celebrating its 110th anniversary District level inauguration of the year of celebrations He asked.
“I have only seen the first part of the controversial film. I do not think so It should be remembered that Kerala is a high society The film is directed by the award-winning director. I remember watching a movie together with my family. No. These approaches are conducive to cultural growth “No,” the minister said.


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