season 20 reduces its duration by two weeks

season 20 reduces its duration by two weeks

2023-09-17 13:09:35

season 20 of Brawl Stars It has only just begun. The end of the first week of the Vuelta al Rancho del Oeste, where many players are already close to unlock pearl. And that, like the previous ones, repeats the trick to get the Brawl Pass a little cheaper usual.

A season full of surprise and many changes like Hypercharge, which continues to demonstrate that it is a totally differential skill. Especially now that only a few enjoy it. But it is also different from the previous ones, since it will last considerably fewer days than usual, up to two weeks less than the last season.

And it is that Brawl Starsafter this late start to the season, will resume the formula of starting the first Monday of each month with the start of the season. Which shortens the life of this Return to the Ranch, and of course will leave us fewer days to do missions and get more extra rewards at the end of the season (which is why perhaps they were nerfed, reducing their impact, however long a season lasts) .

How long does the current season 20 of Brawl Stars last?

This reduction in time is reminiscent of the first seasons of the Brawl Pass, where its duration was not very defined. Until they found that formula of starting that first Monday of every two months. And that means that each season does not last exactly the same as the previous ones.

The Brawl Pass countdown has already dropped below 50 days, and this Tour of the Ranch will only last a total of 56 days, of which we have already consumed one week. That is to say, that the Monday, November 6 season 21 will begin.

Compared, Season 19 lasted 70 days, although the normal length is 63 days, the duration of seasons 18, 16, 15, 14… and so on until the current format. Only season 17 also had this short duration of 56 days. Necessary when adjusting the weeks if you want to always start on that first Monday of the month.

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