Second marriage to famous hostess DD? This is the groom! Information that he himself said

by time news

News is spreading like wildfire on the internet that the famous Wije DT is getting married for the second time.

Although she has played small roles in cinema, Divyadarshini is famous as a presenter on private television. He has an army of fans of his own.

He fell in love with his longtime friend and married her. But their marriage did not last long. The couple divorced after years of disagreement.

In this situation, it is customary for DD to post photos of himself going abroad from time to time on his social media page.

In that sense he recently posted that he liked the food while eating at a hotel and wanted to marry the person who cooked the food.

But a message is spreading fast on social media that DD is going to actually get married to him by posting to appreciate the taste of the food.


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