Second Time Snake Bite is Dangerous than First Time One who has always lived with snakes is killed by a pet snake

Martin died after being bitten by a snake while surveying snakes in the Bull Run Mountains Natural Area in Northern Virginia. Notably, Martin is a world-renowned snake expert who undertook grueling mountain expeditions to record and count snake populations in isolated locations. Shockingly, he had spent his entire life around snakes and his death was due to a snake bite.

Martin died of a snake bite known as a timber rattler, Martin’s wife Jo Villary said. They apparently died of a snakebite on August 3 while at their farm in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

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According to reports, Martin was bitten by a snake he was fondly raising and the snake expert was 80 years old. Although Martin was 80 years old, he was in good physical condition. Keeping up with his speed is tough, says Martin’s wife Jo Villary.

Martin was often accompanied by his wife on walks to remote mountain caves inhabited by snakes. Snake researcher John Seeley of Stokesdale, North Carolina, who has known Martin for more than 30 years, said it was troubling that the death was caused by a timber rattler, a type of snake that Martin had studied since he was a child.

Martin, a snake expert, has been working at the Bull Run Hills Reserve since he was a child. He has been instrumental in identifying the number of snakes there.

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Martin is well-known among snake experts for his fieldwork, research, and ability to find and document species.

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that there are only five snakebite-related deaths in the United States each year. According to Dan Keeler, professor of toxicology at the University of Minnesota and an expert on snakebites, for some people a second snakebite is more dangerous than the first.

Rattlesnakes are very dangerous if they are large in size. Experts say that the damage to a person bitten by this type of snake depends on his age. Martin had been bitten by a snake before but this time the snakebite claimed his life.

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