Security tensions: high alert following numerous warnings of attacks

Against the background of the tense period and the high alert, and looking ahead to the weekend and the Sukkot holiday, tomorrow (Thursday) it will be decided in the assessment of the situation whether to reinforce Yosh with additional forces, or whether to extend the closure even during the Sukkot holiday. There are still many warnings of attacks and hence the security forces have Many more tasks.

“The security system is in all places, at the seam, in roads, in the settlements, in order to protect the residents,” Defense Minister Gantz said in a statement he published. “I say clearly: whoever wants to harm, to carry out terrorist attacks on the citizens of Israel, is in our crosshairs.”

Hence, two unusual events took place in less than two days in Nablus and Hebron, when yesterday before the start of Yom Kippur and its departure this evening, Jews entered the two cities, and just before they were lynched by a Palestinian mob, they were rescued by the PA’s security mechanisms.

The event that took place yesterday in the heart of Nablus could have changed the image of the holiday. In the wee hours, a crowd of Palestinians surrounded a car that was carrying an Israeli driver and her three daughters. The mother, a resident of Elad, entered the city of Nablus following a Palestinian acquaintance. According to some testimonies, the mother walked and shopped with him and her daughters in the heart of the Kasbah.

The mother and her daughters were identified and named by passers-by, and only the intervention of the Palestinian security mechanisms prevented a disaster. The security mechanisms rushed to cement them to a nearby store, take care of them, secure them and guard them, and then transported them in a protected vehicle and took them out safely to the Israeli security forces, thus avoiding lynching at four. Following her entry into Area A without permission and contrary to the law, the mother was questioned by the police this evening.

In another incident that took place this evening in Hebron, 3 Jews entered the city and were also evacuated by the Palestinian security forces. According to the suspicion, the 3 accidentally entered Hebron, and were immediately identified by the Palestinian police. These protected the Jews and managed to get them out safely to the Israeli security forces.

The two incidents add to the security tensions that also prevail against the background of the latest wave of attacks. During the day, the wanted Salman Omran, the man who carried out the shooting attack earlier this week near Itamar, was arrested near Nablus, where several gunmen shot at an Israeli bus and taxi and slightly wounded the taxi driver.

The arrest of the wanted terrorist was carried out after the Shin Bet located his hiding place in the village of Deir al-Khattab near Nablus. The forces that arrived there surrounded the house where the wanted terrorist was staying, and finally surrendered himself with the weapon to the fighters.

Given the functioning of the security mechanisms, as could be seen in Nablus, a senior security official said that “the incident is a tangible reminder of the importance of security coordination with the security mechanisms of the Palestinian Authority.”

“They acted independently, efficiently and quickly, with the understanding that if the mob had lynched the same family, we would have woken up this morning to a completely different movie in the territories,” added the source. “Therefore, alongside the continued activity of the IDF and Shin Bet in the field, Israel has an interest in the Palestinian mechanisms demonstrating governance and operating within the cities and refugee camps in the field.”


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