See you soon buddy! ‘Chabelo’ dies and becomes a TV legend

See you soon buddy!  ‘Chabelo’ dies and becomes a TV legend

Around 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, one of the news items began to circulate in the media, portals, and social networks, although this type of joke or rumor commonly arose, this time it was true.

The family López Miranda iHe reported that the “friend of all children” died at the age of 88, due to “abdominal complications.”

“This is a very sad morning, Xavier López ‘Chabelo’, father, brother and husband has left us suddenly, cause of abdominal complications, “the actor’s relatives reported.


After the confirmation of his death his sonXavier López Miranda, He assured that although he knows that the public loves his father, this will be a very familiar moment, leaving the tributes for other moments.

“Xavier López is no longer with us, but ‘Chabelo’ is eternal, his idea was always to go forward”, he added.

He indicated that for now there is no knowledge of any tribute, since everything has been moops fast and it is not something that is up to him.

He asked everyone to respect the peace of the family, because today they want to have something intimate.

“Sand gave all to his public, He gave his whole life to work and I think my father would have liked that, that we had a moment for the family. Perhaps later something will be done, something should be done, but that it’s not in my hands”, stressed.


Xavier López was born in Chicago, Illinois on February 17, 1935 although his parents are from León, Guanajuato. At the age of one year, he and his parents returned to their state of origin, place where he lived his first eight years, to later move to Mexico City.

His endearing character occupies a special place in the childhood memories of many Mexicans due to his program ‘En Familia con Chabelo’, which was on the air for more than 40 years, Broadcast every Sunday morning.

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His program ‘En Familia con Chabelo’ became a staple of Mexican TV culture among families and children until its end in 2015.

He also set a world record Guinness in 2011 for being the longest-running television show with the same host. (With information from EFE and El Universal)


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