Seeing a doctor without leaving home: Net-Medicare solution

Never before has Telemedicine become an urgency. A modality that has now more than a decade of applications but that the pandemic is pushing towards previously unthinkable horizons. Telemedicine was created to meet the needs of all patients who have difficulty in moving or who must be followed in the follow-up: in these cases, a video consultation with a specialist allows you to save time and energy, while ensuring privacy and protection of your sensitive data.

It allows remote monitoring of patients, increases the efficiency of care, improves access to information and the quality of health services.

Net-Medicare is exactly this: the first portal in Italy for telemedicine created to respond to the new needs of doctors and patients. The courageous bet of an all-Bergamo team, which through the development of the platform makes the patient-doctor relationship easier, thus supporting different needs, such as situations in which travel is difficult, for various reasons. Less time spent in the car or waiting to be visited, less traffic, less pollution, more punctuality and ease in exchanging information. Thanks to Net-Medicare, patients can in fact obtain a medical consultation with a simple video call. Registration is free for the patient who pays for the visit when he identifies the professional of his interest. Everything is managed by a technology that ensures confidentiality and effectiveness of the service and which requires considerable investments.

The idea, to the group of doctors who first joined Net-Medicare, came from abroad, especially the USA and Australia where these tools are more common. “Net-Medicare was born in its first version in 2018, from the many years of experience in the medical and care field of its founders, a close-knit team that already worked together in a sector that intersects that of Telemedicine, or residential projects dedicated to fragile people. Initially developed as a platform for connecting only patient and healthcare professional, in 2020 it accelerated its evolution. We have rethought the form and structure and today we present the first telemedicine platform designed for bilateral use, implemented with services and functions designed specifically for healthcare facilities and professionals. We already have about thirty registered professionals and over 1,000 televised broadcasted through the portal. Many come from Italians residing abroad ”, declares Marco Crimi, Founder of Net-Medicare.

Using Net-Medicare, the patient can carry out a consultation remotely: whether from abroad or in any case from a distant place, the use of Net Medicare avoids physically going to the doctor. Due to the travel limitations due to the pandemic, it is therefore an excellent replacement tool for visits in the presence or in the clinical routine. A further, important advantage of Telemedicine is also the possibility of limiting inconvenience in those cases for which access to health facilities is complicated: by eliminating transport costs in remote areas, the availability of qualified health care is improved, favoring the equity of access.


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