Seek votes for BJP but notes from Kejriwal – AAP attacks Wrestler Divya Kakran, Kejriwal for BJP notes for votes?

Aam Aadmi Party criticized Commonwealth bronze medalist Divya Khakran who criticized that Delhi did not do anything for me and it was the Uttar Pradesh government that gave me all the help.

He released a video of him canvassing for the BJP during the Uttar Pradesh elections and drew criticism for calling Kejriwala a BJP note for votes. The Aam Aadmi Party says this is the video in which he collected votes for the BJP in February before the elections there.

In that video, wrestler Divya Karan, who is gathering votes for BJP, said, “We know what Prime Minister Modi and Yogi Adityanath are doing to us. Be it sports, there have been many improvements in education, health care so vote for BJP,” says Divya Kakran pollster.

In this regard, Aam Aadmi Party Councilor Shalini Singh said, ‘It is not right to expect Kejriwal for money to collect votes for the BJP. Sportsmen and women players should have stayed away from politics.’

Earlier when Divya Kakran blamed the Delhi government, she said, “I came to Delhi in 2001 and started wrestling in 2006. I have been living in Gogalpur for 22 years. My father somehow arranged for my wrestling training. I wrestled men to earn money.

I won bronze for Delhi in 2011. Till 2017 I have won 58 medals for Delhi. Only Manoj Tiwari gave me Rs.3 lakh. That money was my lifeline.

The Delhi government did not help at all. We pleaded about our situation. Only after that we went to Uttar Pradesh”, it is noteworthy that the sensation alleged.

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