seeman supports vetrimaran on rajaraja chozhan issue | Rajaraja Cholan issue burning about; Seaman supports Vetrimaran

seeman supports vetrimaran on rajaraja chozhan issue |  Rajaraja Cholan issue burning about;  Seaman supports Vetrimaran

On the occasion of the 60th birthday of LTTE leader and MP Thirumavalavan, a bell ceremony was held for him. Director Vetermaran and many others participated in it. Vetrimaran, who spoke at the function, is constantly taking away our identities. Let it be giving saffron clothes to Valluru; Let Rajaraja Chola be a Hindu king. The identification is still going on. This happens in cinema too. He had said that many symbols are being stolen in the cinema as well.

Both support and opposition to Vetrimaran’s speech have started to rise. Questions are raised like Rajaraja Chola built the Great Temple of Thanjavur without Hindus. Whereas Hinduism came into being only 1000 years ago. Looking at it like that, one party is arguing that Rajaraja Cholan was not a Hindu. In this case, Nam Tamilar Party chief coordinator Seeman has expressed his support for Vetrimaran.

Speaking to the media today, he said, “What Vetimaaran said is true. It was the Dravidian movements of the time that generalized the cinematography of a particular community. The Dravidian leaders of those days like Arijan Anna, Artist Karunanidhi, MGR etc. worked in the film industry. So Vetrimaran mentions that.

It is a kind of fun to talk about our greatness Arulmozhichola as a Hindu king. It was an attempt to tame Rajaraja Chola, just as Aryam tried to tame him by painting Valluvar with saffron. It is known to the whole world that there was no Indian country and no Hindu religion at that time, the fact is that King Rajaraja Chola was a descendant of Saivism who worshiped Shiva. He is the one who has saved the twelve secrets from taint. That is why the song ‘Edu Thanthanadi Thillayile’ was sung.

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Aryan tends to adopt everything that is popular in Tamil symbols. That is how our Lord Shiva and Lord Muruga have become their own. On that basis, Vetrimaran says that Arya should not be allowed to try to make Rajaraja Chola a Hindu too. I accept that.”

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