Self-convened teachers continue wage claims in Salta with camping and hunger strike | Cuyo’s diary

Self-convened teachers continue wage claims in Salta with camping and hunger strike |  Cuyo’s diary

2023-06-07 00:00:01

Self-convened teachers from Salta carried out a new day of strike today with camps, hunger strike, marches and roadblocks as part of the conflict that has been going on for five consecutive weeks of demands for salary improvements.

This Tuesday, a column of protesters left from the 9 de Julio square, in the center of the capital of Salta, where a camp was also set up and four women from the health area began a hunger strike, to request that the government of the province receive them and thus be able to move forward with the request of the sector, also linked to salary issues.

In addition to the self-summoned teachers, public health agents joined the conflict with the provincial government, which cut off dialogue with these sectors ten days ago.

There were also roadblocks and marches in the towns of Tartagal, Cerrillos, Rosario de Lerma, Metán and Campo Quijano, where the train buses to the Clouds could not pass, so the excursion had to be suspended and the tourists had to return to Salta Capital, with the corresponding return of the money.

Meanwhile, this afternoon intermittent cuts began in access to the city of Salta, where on May 24 self-convened teachers who were leading a similar measure were repressed by the Salta police, and where the following day 19 protesters were arrested later charged for judicial disobedience and interruption of communication channels.

Yesterday, at the beginning of the fifth week of strike action, rallies and marches took place in four other points in the city of Salta and in different towns in the interior of the province.

On that occasion, along with the teachers and health personnel, around 20 social and political organizations gathered in support of the struggle of these sectors and in rejection of the new “Anti-picket Law” approved last week by the provincial legislature. .

On May 26, the provincial government agreed with the teachers’ unions on a salary proposal of 34% for May, June and July, plus a bonus of $60,000 to be paid in two months, but it was rejected by the Assembly of Self-convened Teachers of Salta.

After granting this salary increase, Governor Gustavo Sáenz assured that “there is no margin to give a greater increase”, he pointed out that his Government granted “the best parity in the country”, he clarified that the days not worked are not paid and considered “fundamental” channel claims legally.

The main claim of the self-convened teachers is to achieve a minimum wage equal to the family basket, updated for inflation and 82% mobile, among other points, in addition to the dismissal of the 19 workers arrested on May 25 and released the following day.

Yesterday, the Government of Salta reached a salary agreement for the Centralized Public Administration, with an increase identical to that agreed with the teachers’ unions, of 34%, which will be paid in stages, 12% with May salaries, and the 11% to be paid with June and July salaries respectively.

To this was added a bonus of $60,000, which will be paid in the months of July and August, when the parity will be reviewed.

Meanwhile, this morning the representatives of business chambers, associations of the agricultural and livestock production sector, construction, commerce, industry, transporters, mining, tourism and suppliers, among others, met with Sáenz.

There, they expressed their support for the law to regulate protests, in what they considered to be “not a business issue but a social one”, to ensure harmony, peaceful coexistence, free movement, the well-being of all citizens, preserving the rights of manifestation and expression.

For their part, the main authorities of the CGT in Salta met yesterday with the Salta president, to whom they asked him to respect the rights of demonstration and free expression of the workers, and advanced that all contributions will be made from the organized movement. necessary to the recently sanctioned law, which regulates social protest.

Personnel from the Municipality of Salta blocked, yesterday and today, Avenida Paraguay, in front of the Municipal Civic Center, also in demand of parity, and demand the same salary increase that the provincial government granted to its workers.

Another sector that began a 72-hour strike today, although with attention to urgent cases, is the Association of Judicial Workers, which is demanding the advancement to June of the 6% salary increase established for August, among other points of an extensive petition.

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