Sellur Raju, RB Udayakumar argue with Palanivel Thiagarajan… – Minister Murthy pacifies by pinching his chin | Sellur Raju, RB Udayakumar argue with Palanivel Thyagarajan in Madurai

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Madurai: A review meeting was held at Madurai District Collector’s Office on the 10 demands given by the legislators under the ‘Chief Minister in Your Constituency’ scheme.

The meeting was chaired by Madurai District Collector Anish Shekhar and was attended by Commercial Taxes and Securities Minister Murthy, Finance Minister PDR Palanivel Thiagarajan, Assembly Members Sellur K. Raju, VV Rajan Chellappa, RB Udayakumar. . After each legislator spoke about their constituency issues, finally, Finance Minister Palanivel Thiagarajan began to speak.

Sellur Raju, who prevented it from presenting the statistics about the risks and expenses in implementing the demands made by the legislators, we are telling the needs of the people. Instead of giving a solution, don’t give reasons. He said that we are not here to ask the reasons and tried to leave the meeting. RB Udayakumar and Rajan Chellappa also wanted to go with him, then the Minister of Deeds Murthy moderated the former AIADMK ministers.

Finally, Minister Palanivel Thiagarajan concluded the meeting by saying, “I am not saying that the demands will not be met. I have just recorded the problems. If it upsets you, I did not speak. Has there been a meeting like this before? It is the first time in history that such a study meeting is being held.”

Minister Murthy pacified Sellur Raju who had left then by pinching his cheek. The former and current ministers walked away from the meeting, smiling and shaking hands with each other. These scenes are now gaining attention.

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