Senatorial elections in Val-d’Oise: the breakthrough of Daniel Fargeot and Pierre Barros

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2023-09-25 02:40:02

Two mayors of Val-d’Oise – Daniel Fargeot and Pierre Barros – created a surprise this Sunday during the senatorial elections, while three other outgoing senators retained their seats. The LR list remains the big winner of the ballot since it is the only one to win two seats and therefore to renew Arnaud Bazin and Jacqueline Eustache-Brinio. The outgoing PS Rachid Temal will also return to the Senate for five additional years.

But if three of the outgoing senators remain in place, this election also reflects a push by local elected officials. The list of Daniel Fargeot, mayor (DVD) of Andilly and president of the union of mayors of Val-d’Oise, comes third in number of votes. And Pierre Barros, mayor of Fosses (related to the PCF), won a senator’s seat, giving the left a second Val-d’Oisian representative in the upper house.

“I am here so that local elected officials are heard,” declares Daniel Fargeot, delighted with his breakthrough in this election, without being totally surprised. “We repeated this throughout the campaign. We see in this result that it is not political divisions that work. » Daniel Fargeot intends to continue to defend the municipalities during his new mandate. “A senator is first and foremost the representative of a territory. I want to reverse the situation, local elected officials are too subjected to governance in a vertical manner when everything should be done from the ground. »

One more seat on the left

The other surprise of this election is the arrival of Pierre Barros in the Senate. “We won a seat on the left, it’s a real success,” said the mayor of Fosses on Sunday evening. “We had a real process of coming together (editor’s note, he received the support of La France Insoumise, Génération.s. and the EELV deputy Aurélien Taché) and it bore fruit. » Pierre Barros also campaigned on the importance of relying on “elected officials on the ground, those who run the store. » He intends to embody this promise in the Senate. “I don’t want to cut ties with the base, on the contrary we are going to consolidate links with the territory. I will fight for the State to give municipalities the opportunity to do their job. »

For LR elected officials, this vote of the electors is recognition of the completed mandate. “We worked a lot with Arnaud Bazin, we held our line,” said Jacqueline Eustache-Brinio. “We did the job,” summarizes Arnaud Bazin.

However, the historic Alain Richard (LREM), as well as Sébastien Meurant (DVD), are excluded from the game.

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