Senators to amend the bill on regional power

Senators are preparing amendments for the second reading of the bill on a unified system of public power, said Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko. According to Ms. Matvienko, the document will help ensure uniform standards of quality of life for Russians. Ms Matvienko did not specify what kind of amendments are being discussed.

“The main thing is to fine-tune the management system in the country. I am sure that the Federation Council will support it … The law is very useful and necessary, we have been working with the State Duma since “zero” reading, there is an active discussion in society, “she told reporters. The Speaker of the Federation Council added that the senators are preparing amendments for the second reading, that the law “was intelligible, understandable, legally correct.”

On November 9, the State Duma adopted in the first reading a draft law that defines the powers of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, removes the prohibition for governors to be elected for more than two consecutive terms and introduces a single five-year term of office for them. The document expands the grounds for the resignation of regional leaders in connection with the loss of confidence in the country’s president. In addition, the heads of the subjects will be prohibited from being called “presidents”. The only subject of the federation that has retained this name of its head is now Tatarstan.

At the end of October, the State Council of Tatarstan did not support the draft law due to the unification of the names of senior officials in the regions. The local authorities called the attempt to rename the presidential office unconstitutional. Despite the position of Tatarstan, the bill has not been corrected.

More details about the bill – in the material “b” “Public power is growing stronger.”



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