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What really matters when it comes to tablets for seniors

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A tablet is also suitable for the garden and for on the go

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A simple senior tablet must be easy to use and, among other things, suitable for apps such as WhatsApp or Skype. You can find out which models are particularly suitable for older people here.

Ge during the Corona crisis, many families realized how important digital communication can be in order to be close in everyday life despite the distance. With a senior tablet, even people who are not very familiar with the use of smartphones or computers can keep in touch with their children, grandchildren or friends and look each other in the eye during conversations. In addition, the easy-to-use tablets offer games and the option of watching your favorite series and films or reading books on them.

Tablet for seniors: quick overview of popular products

Senior tablets: Samsung, Apple or something else?

Many inexpensive tablets (for example the Samsung Galaxy Tab A *) usually run on an up-to-date Android operating system. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 * also has Android 10, which brought some innovations in the areas of security, design and speech recognition. In contrast to the somewhat more expensive Tab A, the 10.4-inch screen is even slightly larger. The battery of the Tab A7 is quite convincing with 7,040 mAh and is recharged within a very short time thanks to the quick charge function.

Apple’s more expensive iPad variants, for example the iPad * with a slightly smaller screen, work with its own iOS operating system. With a refurbished version like this one, however, you only pay a little more than with the Samsung tablet. With both operating systems it is possible to adjust the font size, brightness and volume to your own needs. Some apps are already preinstalled on both systems, so that sending and receiving e-mails can be set up quickly and calling up videos and images is easy. Almost all models, including the inexpensive ACEPAD *, now have a front and a main camera with which video telephony is possible.

Tablet for seniors: the most important functions

The Tab M10 Full HD Plus from Lenovo * is particularly suitable for video calls. The high-quality camera resolution and the long-lasting battery make long conversations with friends and relatives a wonderful experience. The 10.3-inch IPS display and the excellent sound make working with the tablet pleasant for both eyes and ears. Since the device weighs less than 500 grams, it is easy to use for bed or sofa reading. Lenovo also has a cheaper and slightly smaller model * that offers fewer functions, but is particularly useful for beginners.

A simple tablet * is available for little money. However, some compromises have to be made here in terms of speed and screen resolution. People with poor eyesight in particular should test whether they can handle a very affordable entry-level tablet that only has a display in HD quality. But Full HD and, if necessary, a large tablet are better.

The installed browser can be used to access the Internet to read news or visit certain websites. Additional programs can also be downloaded from the Google Playstore (Android) or the App Store (iOS). For example, a tablet for seniors can be equipped with WhatsApp or Skype in order to be able to communicate with family and friends.

If you only want to use your tablet at home, a device that connects to the Internet via WLAN is usually sufficient. If, on the other hand, you want to use it on the go, a tablet with a SIM card slot may be suitable for you. A mobile internet connection can also be established in this way.

Tip: To use WhatsApp on the iPad without a smartphone, a device with a SIM card is required. For Android devices, a landline number can also be specified during installation.

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Senior tablet: Media4care, Libify and Co. are tailored to the special needs

Basically, every tablet is suitable for seniors. However, there are also manufacturers who have developed special devices with the needs of older people in mind. With a tablet from Media4care, for example, users receive a model that is particularly user-friendly thanks to large, simply labeled picture tiles. It also contains games suitable for the elderly and offers memory exercises, simplified video telephony and secure access to the Internet. However, use is tied to a subscription with a term of six, twelve or 24 months.

The Libify service offers an emergency call tablet: It has a large emergency call button and, thanks to the integrated SIM card, is ready for use at any time – also for video calls with friends and family. With a concluded premium package, first aiders can also switch to the tablet via video to offer support if necessary. A previously stored emergency plan provides all the necessary information in an emergency, such as health data, information on the medication taken and the desired contact persons. This means that the tablet can give people with disabilities more freedom of movement and independence in everyday life.

Tip: With the care level, a large part of the monthly costs for the tablet is covered by the health insurance.

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