Seniors, solidarity taxi to go to the vaccinal center-

The “solidarity taxi” arrives to go and get the vaccine against Covid reserved for the weaker groups. Two large metropolises make it available, Milan and Rome. There are also some local initiatives. In the Lombard capital, the service is aimed in particular at the over 65s, people with disabilities, minors welcomed in the community and all citizens with serious socio-economic difficulties. The free taxi, promoted by the Municipality and the Guido Venosta Foundation, as well as to reach the vaccination points safely, can be used to go to the hospital or day care centers, and for any other urgent commission.

Numbers to call

To book the white car a Milano call the municipal contact center on 020202, which connects the user with the unique number of the Milanese radiotaxi (024040, 028585, 026969). TO Roma, free taxi transport intended exclusively for over eighty-year-olds who do not have the possibility of being accompanied to vaccination centers. The project is called “I’ll accompany you”, made possible by the Ania Foundation with the collaboration of the radiotaxi 3570 and Roma Capitale cooperative. To activate the service just call 063570 specifying the age, to be alone and to have an appointment to carry out the anticovid vaccine. The transport is valid only for the round trip from the home to the health facility. On board the car, citizens must show the booking certificate and an identity document that proves their age.

In other cities

A Torino there is a “vaccine discount” of five euros on each trip requested by those who must receive the injection (double discount as it is applied to the account indicated by the taximeter both for the outward journey to the vaccination hub and for the return journey to the domicile). Without limitations related to age or health conditions. To be entitled to the discounted rate, by calling the taxi service, at the numbers 0115730 or 0115737, just tell the operator that you want to take advantage of the “vaccine convention”. That stipulated between the Crisis Unit of the Piedmont Region and the Taxi Torino cooperative. While the Municipality of Treviso has set up vouchers for taxi rides and car rental with driver, for a maximum value of 200 euros per person (expiring on 30 June 2021), intended for residents with disabilities or in economic difficulty summoned by the health company to do the vaccine. The travel voucher can also be requested by citizens who need to reach health centers (public or private) and vaccination points outside the municipal area. The same thing a Rimini, where the municipal administration has decided to offer totally free transport to disabled people and those over 70 with vaccination reservations who cannot travel by private means (the taxi is booked through the Municipality), and travel bonuses to people who have visits or exams in health facilities located in other municipalities, to pregnant women, to those with motor problems or certified pathologies, to the unemployed and the economically disadvantaged. In this case, a refund of 50 per cent of the cost of the journey is foreseen (up to a limit of 500 euros in total and 20 euros per single trip).

Avoid gatherings

The objective is to favor protected paths for the most fragile, limiting infections and gatherings. And then, other initiatives at the local level, always for those who have to undergo the vaccine dose, are: the taxi discount of 20 percent to Cremona, for round trips from the vaccination hub set up at the Fair (also for residents of neighboring municipalities); free transport organized by the Municipality of Padova; and the “taxi vaccine” (also free) made available by the Municipality of Locri.

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