Separated Parents: Joined by iCourt | Dinamalar

Separated Parents: Joined by iCourt |  Dinamalar

Kozhikode: A same-sex couple separated by their parents in Kerala has been reunited by a court order.

Both Atila Nasrin and Fatima Noora from Kozhikode, Kerala have met in Saudi Arabia and became friends. Eventually, love blossomed between the two. They came to Kerala to get married.

Due to their ill-advised relationship and parents’ opposition to the marriage, the two had to separate last May.

In this regard, the Supreme Court ruled in 2018 that homosexuality is not a crime in a case filed in the Kerala High Court.

Based on this, after getting a favorable verdict that both of them can live together again, they exchanged rings in Manakolam at Aluva. With cake in hand, both of them enjoyed taking photos. They also uploaded their photos on Instagram. These photos are going viral on social media.

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